ODC Theater Resident Artist Commissions

The three weekends of back-to-back commissions in June exemplify the breadth of practices, aesthetics and choreographic voices cultivated through ODC Theater's Resident Artist Program.

Image by Cleo Ledet.

  • GERALDCASELDANCE, Cover Your Mouth When You Smile and Not About Race Dance

    For the company’s 20th anniversary GERALDCASELDANCE presents two world premieres: Cover Your Mouth When You Smile and Not About Race Dance, a preview. 

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  • tinypistol, kosmos

    Can a utopian orientation act as bulwark against our nation’s encroaching dystopia? kosmos quests and celebrates our internal and external cosmoses, vaulting skyward and plummeting inward to claim the firmament and a new futurity. In a land created in the negation of our otherness, and maintained in denial of our kinship with a starry sky, acknowledging our celestial truth and boundlessness is a decidedly political act.

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  • Embodiment Project, Music of the Actualized Child

    Music of the Actualized Child interweaves street dance, documentary theater, live song, and video art to engage a critical conversation around the school-to-prison pipeline, childhood trauma, race, and healing. Shakti Butler’s new film, Healing Justice, serves as a springboard for visceral movement and musical invention, catalyzing an original work of documentary hip hop theater.

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