To contact a staff member, please use the contact form or call 415/863.6606. 

Executive Staff |
Brenda Way, Artistic Director & Founder
Carma Zisman, Executive Director

Administrative |
Kirsten Kurth, Executive Associate and Board Liaison

Box Office |
Michael D. Lee, Audience Services Coordinator
Leah Gardner, Front of House
Allegra Bautista, Front of House
Malia Byrne, Front of House
Clarissa Dyas, Front of House
Susannah Faulkner, Front of House
Hannah Ghioni, Front of House
Katelyn Hanes, Front of House
Emily Hansel, Front of House
Nicole Maimon, Front of House
Nikola Printz, Front of House
Karla Quintero, Front of House
Elizabeth Racely, Front of House
Eleanor Hall Watson, Front of House
Sienna Williams, Front of House

Client Relations & Front Desk |
Natalie Terry, Front Desk Manager
Monica Ascencio, Front Senior Supervisor
Molly Matutat, Front Desk Assistant Supervisor
Never Navarro, Front Desk Assistant Supervisor
Annalise Constantz, Senior Client Relations Associate
Taylor Kinner, Senior Client Relations Associate
Kirsten Millan, Senior Client Relations Associate
Jan-Matthew Sevilla, Senior Client Relations Associate
Jessica Bozzo, Client Relations Associate
Charlotte Carmichael, Client Relations Associate
Clarissa Dyas, Client Relations Associate
Marlene Garcia, Client Relations Associate
Emily Hansel, Client Relations Associate
Twyla Malchow-Hay, Client Relations Associate
Naomi Oppenheim, Client Relations Associate
Sarah Rund, Client Relations Associate

Company |
Brenda Way, Artistic Director & Founder
KT Nelson, Co-Artistic Director
Joseph Copley, Associate Director of Artistic Planning

Development |
Emily Lieu-Harris, Director of Development
Wiebke Raven, Associate Director of Development, Institutional Giving
Hannah Young, Development Associate

Facilities & Rentals |
Jason Dinneen, Facilities Supervisor
Nick Wagner, Rentals Manager
Jason Vanderford, Facilities Associate

Finance & Human Relations |
Carlos R. Lopez, Director of Finance & Administration
Zarina N. Posada, Finance Associate

Healthy Dancers Clinic |
Richard Coughlin, MD – Medical Director
Kendall Alway, DPT – Associate Director

Marketing & Communications |
Fran Jamison, Senior Marketing Manager
Andrew Rogers, Digital Marketing Manager
Francesca Gabourel, Marketing and Events Manager
Mona Baroudi, Public Relations Specialist
John Hill, Public Relations Specialist

Production |
Jack Beuttler, Production Manager
Thomas Bowersox, Assistant Production Manager
David Robertson, Lighting Director

School |
Kimi Okada, School Director
Jill Lounibos, School Associate Director
Lucienne Alicea, Youth & Teen Program Associate
Lindsay Leonard, Youth & Teen Program Associate
Augusta Moore, Director of Ballet Program
Carlos Venturo, Youth & Teen Program Manager

Theater |
Julie Potter, Theater Director
Chloë Zimberg, Theater Operations Manager
Keagan Chipp, Technical Director

Rhythm & Motion Staff |
Dudley Flores, Artistic Director
Leigh Lehman, Managing Director
Janet Roitz, Program Administrator