ODC Theater Presents Tere O'Connor Dance, Long Run

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ODC Theater Presents
Tere O'Connor Dance
Long Run

November 14-16, 8 PM

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Long Run (2017) pushes the emotional content of O’Connor’s movement to new physical extremes, allowing time-based elements like polyrhythms, velocity, and duration to become major forces in the work, overtaking the eight performers as they struggle to bring their bodies into a state of calm.

Tere O’Connor’s choreography finds its logic outside of “translation,” operating in a sub-linguistic area of expression. He views dance as a system with its own properties; an abstract documentary form that doesn’t depict or explain. O’Connor’s collaborators constitute a family of artists dedicated to expanding the potency of dance as a serious art form. Meaning is arrived at in collaboration with the audience with dance’s endlessly diverse, open-ended, and referential scope.

On Thursday, November 14 at 6:30 p.m., Director of ODC Theater, Julie Potter will present a preview of ODC Theater’s 2020 Season as tickets for next year go on sale.

Following the performance on Friday, November 15, ODC Writer-in-Residence Sima Belmar will moderate a conversation with Tere O'Connor.

On Saturday, November 16 from 12 -1:30 PM, Tere O’Connor and Silas Riener will co-teach a class based on material and methods from Long Run O’Connor’s most recent work. Layering new movement over old structures we will look at the relationship between time and image. Participation in the workshop is free; to register, RSVP to theater@odc.dance.

Photo by Ben McKeown

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