Silvestre Technique Series with Tika Morgan

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Silvestre Technique Series with Tika Morgan
Thursdays, April 9-May 28, 8:15-9:45pm

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Full Workshop: $160
Drop In: $25

The Silvestre Dance Technique is a contemporary Brazilian dance expression created by world-renowned teacher and choreographer Rosangela Silvestre. This unique yet classically based form incorporates the four elements of nature, the energy systems of the body, and the symbols and gestures inherent in African Brazilian Dance.

Tika Morgan is a full-time instructor of Contemporary & Latin Dance with 20 years of professional experience. Her unique teaching style has garnered a loyal and devoted following throughout the San Francisco Bay Area dance community and beyond. Tika's workshops are centred around dance as a way of life. Her work is about embodying and celebrating the power available within us through dance.

By working with traditional and popular movement, her workshops offer an opportunity to delve into discovering our body's potential. Participants are guided to explore, at any level, the interplay between form and freedom and the power of moving as one.  

She is a graduate teacher of the acclaimed Silvestre Dance Technique and has been working with its founders since 2008 |