ODC/Dance Audition Workshop

ODC/Dance Audition Workshop

July 30-August 4, 2017
ODC Campus in San Francisco

Tuition: $500

APPLY to participate in the workshop

Spend a week in San Francisco with the ODC/Dance Company, other seasoned dancers, and choreographers. 

This audition workshop gives you the opportunity to work directly with the ODC dancers and choreographers while providing an inside view of the creative process, the art, and life as an ODC artist. During this week-long workshop, enjoy two technique classes per day; learn ODC repertory and create a new work as well as conversations on aesthetics and an evening of dance film. Expect to be exhausted! This workshop is a chance for you to put yourself in front of us, to spend time with us, and to see if there might be a shared future. This is the only audition opportunity for ODC/Dance this year.

To be considered for participation, please submit this application and include a video link b June 15, 2017.

Video Guidelines

We will accept online links only to recorded material. We will not be holding a live audition.  In order to be considered, you must adhere to the video audition guidelines below and complete all sections of the audition form. Please pay close attention to video guidelines! Videos that do not meet minimum guidelines will render the application incomplete. To avoid this, place read through the instructions carefully:

•    Videos should be at least 2 minutes and not exceed 4 minutes in length.
•    Please title your video with the following nomenclature: LastName, FirstName_ODCAudition
•    Please review your video before submission to be certain it is viewable.
•    We are not responsible for unviewable applications
•    Do remember that while we may judge your dancing, we won't judge your video editing skills. 

Video content: 2 - 3 minutes of solo dancing
•    No group shots
•    Any style acceptable (i.e. ballet, contemporary, hip hop, global)
•    Please show range of training

Competitive 38-42 week contract includes:
Health care covered by ODC
Two major home seasons
Collaborative Choreographic Process
Extensive Touring including performances in Los Angeles and Brooklyn
Free and reduced Pilates services
Unlimited studio space rental
Free Crunch Gym membership
Exciting and demanding performance schedule
Exclusive contract