Youth & Teen Program Placement Class

Placement Class for 2017/18 ODC Youth & Teen Program
Monday, August 21 | 4 to 6pm
Class cost: $20

Are you new to ODC School Youth & Teen Program? Take this placement class for ballet and contemporary to find out what level in our program you can sign up for. Placement class is designed for students ages 9 and up with prior dance experience looking to join ODC from other schools, or for our current students looking to cross train in a different style.

Prospective students under the age of 8 may select their class based on age and interest, regardless of prior dance experience. Variety classes (hip hop, tap, Dance Around the World) can be selected according to age and interest

To register, call 415.549.8520 or email Also, in preparation for the class, please complete the Placement Form.