Program & Services

ODC provides creative and administrative development for the performing arts community through the following programs.

  • Fleishhacker Opportunity Fund

    Application for the Fleishhacker Opportunity Fund due on January 27, 2017 by 12pm.


    ODC Theater has partnered with the Fleishhacker Foundation to create an eponymous opportunity fund at ODC to support self-producing performing artists through its open access rental program.  The Fleishhacker Foundation has made a commitment of to support the administration of subsidies to self-producing artists at ODC Theater. Three artists will be awarded a scholarship to self-produce/rent at ODC’s B. Way Theater in 2017. Applications will be considered and scored by a panel, and the awarded artists will receive a subsidized rental week in the theater. Awarded artists receive a subsidy covering a minimum of 40% towards space and labor expenses.

    Eligibility & Requirements
    Recipients must be San Francisco Bay Area performing artists and must self-produce and offer a public performance in ODC Theater’s main space (B. Way Theater) February 1, 2017 – October 15, 2017. ODC Theater is booked by the week Monday-Saturday. A signed MOU will be required within 30 days of notification in order to claim the scholarship and confirm dates. All promotional materials (print and electronic) will be asked to acknowledge the Fleishhacker Opportunity Fund at ODC Theater. All recipients will be required to complete a post-production report and participate in grant reporting, as needed. Any previous or current Fleishhacker funding received by the applicant directly from the foundation will not be a factor in consideration for this scholarship.

    About The Fleishhacker Foundation
    The Fleishhacker Foundation is a family foundation located in San Francisco, California. It was established in 1947 to improve the quality of life in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Foundation makes grants to local, community-based organizations through two main programs: Arts & Culture and Pre-collegiate Education.

    Please direct any questions to ODC Theater Programming and Operations Manager Alona Christman

  • Pilot Program

    2017 Pilot Program artists: Garth Grimball, Peter Cheng, Kristin Damrow, Lili Weckler, Carly Lave, and Alyssandra Wu.

    This program promotes choreographers by providing a performance venue, mentoring, and framework for self-production and promotion. By application only.

    Applications due:  December 9, 2016 by 5:00pm
    Performances dates:  April 8/9

    About the ODC Pilot Program
    Now in its 26th year, the Pilot program encourages the artistic and professional development of choreographers by providing a performance venue and a framework for self-production and promotion. Selected choreographers participate in an 11-week session prior to performances and are mentored by a professional choreographer and ODC staff members.  All dance genres are welcome to apply.  Selection is based on the strength of the written proposal and the video excerpts.  Please be clear about your artistic intention and how you specifically plan to realize your vision.

    Past Pilot Artists have burst onto the Bay Area dance scene and beyond and credit Pilot as an invaluable experience. The Pilot Program has supported over 300 artists since its inception in 1990.

    Previous Pilot Artists Include: Nora Chipaumire, Sean Dorsey, Faye Driscoll, Paco Gomes, Monique Jenkinson, Jo Kreiter, Pearl Marill, Sarah Michelson, Hope Mohr, Lizz Roman, Amy Seiwert, Danica Sena, Erika Chong Shuch, Charles Slender

    Contact: Kimi Okada, ODC School Director 415.863.9830 x201,

    FAQs about the Pilot Program

    How is Pilot organized?
    6 artists are chosen by application and together they form a collective with shared production responsibilities.  Each person becomes a manager of a certain job (i.e. facilitator, flyer design, box office set up, etc.) and reports back to the group at the weekly Friday meetings.

    How long can my piece be?
    Your piece can be 10 minutes maximum (no exceptions!), but shorter is fine.

    What is the performance space?
    Most Pilot performances are in Studio B at the ODC Dance Common.

    What kind of tech is available?
    Pilot is designed to be a “low-tech” performance.  That being said, a Production Manager/Lighting Designer is hired at ODC’s expense who gives each piece a special look with the capacity for some internal cues.  Artist should not rely on complex light design nor have heavy tech needs as there is very limited tech time for each artist.

    Do I get free or discounted rehearsal space at ODC?
    All Pilot artists can rent studios at 50% off the regular rental rates during the 11 week session of Pilot.  Please note there is limited available time because of the daily ODC schedule of classes, rehearsals, events, etc.  Weekdays offer the most availability of space.

    Does ODC pay for marketing costs?
    The group is given a minimal budget of $300 for the entire production.  This must be spent on items that benefit the entire group (photographic costs, flyer printing, etc.).  It is intentionally a low amount to encourage resourcefulness within the group.  Pilot is promoted by the artists, though ODC does promote through its marketing channels – tri-annual print performance calendar and organizational newsletters.

    Does ODC pay for a videographer?
    No, the artists usually share the cost of a professional videographer (of their choosing).  If there is any remaining money from the $300 mentioned above, this can be put toward the videographer cost.

    Does ODC have an audition for Pilot?
    No, it is the responsibility of each Pilot artist to find their own dancers.

    Can I use live music?
    Yes, but all technical needs must be discussed and approved by the Production Manager well in advance.

    Can I use video/projections?
    We discourage the use of projections as there is such limited tech time per artist and the limitations of Studio B as a space.  If the concept is very simple, it can be approved by the Production Manager.

    Do I get comps for the show?
    No, the only comps released for the performances are for those people who have donated time to the the whole group (i.e. volunteer photographer, outside design work for flyer, etc.).  All others must pay to attend, including collaborators of the artists.

    Can I do Pilot more than once?
    Yes, you can participate in Pilot a maximum of 3 times, though you must reapply each time.  The facilitator for the next Pilot is usually a repeat artist from the group.

  • Rainin Opportunity Fund
    Apply to receive up to 50% subsidy on production space and labor when you self-present in the B. Way Theater.

    Application for the Rainin Opportunity Fund due on January 27, 2017 by 12pm.


    About Rainin Opportunity Fund

    ODC Theater has partnered with the Kenneth Rainin Foundation to create an eponymous opportunity fund at ODC to support self-producing artists through its open access rental program. The Rainin Foundation has made a commitment to support the administration of scholarship subsidies to self-producing artists in ODC Theater’s main stage. Two artists will be awarded a scholarship this round to self-produce/rent ODC’s B. Way Theater from January 1, 2017 – May 1, 2018. Applications will be considered and scored by a panel, and the awarded artists will receive a subsidized rental week in the theater. Subsidy scholarships will cover a minimum of 50% of the production space and labor costs for the artists. Scholarships will be awarded based on artistic merit and need.

    Eligibility & Requirements
    Recipients must be San Francisco Bay Area dance artists and must self-produce and offer a public performance in ODC Theater’s main space (B. Way Theater) February 1, 2017 – May 1, 2018. ODC Theater is booked by the week Monday-Saturday. A signed MOU will be required within 30 days of notification in order to claim the scholarship and confirm dates. All promotional materials (print and electronic) will be asked to acknowledge the Rainin Opportunity Fund at ODC Theater. All recipients will be required to complete a post-production report and participate in grant reporting, as needed. Any previous or current Rainin funding received by the applicant directly from the foundation will not be a factor in consideration for this scholarship.

    About Kenneth Rainin Foundation
    The Kenneth Rainin Foundation is a private family foundation dedicated to enhancing the quality of life by championing and sustaining the arts, promoting early childhood literacy, and supporting research to cure chronic disease. The Foundation focuses its efforts on the San Francisco Bay Area and specific medical issues and utilizes its networks, resources and commitment to socially responsible business practices to support innovation, collaboration, and connection.


    Sharp & Fine 
    Sharp & Fine was founded in 2011 in San Francisco by sisters Megan and Shannon Kurashige to facilitate choreographic work that grows out of a shared history of experience in both classical ballet and contemporary dance and a desire to collaborate with artists from different disciplines. “We want to make the phenomenon of live performance a necessity and a pleasure. We seek to connect on an emotional level through dance that is physically rigorous and technically defined. We hope to partake in and inspire new types of collaboration and to change the parameters of what is expected of a dance performance.” ODC Theater Performances: Dec. 2017

    Kristin Damrow & Company
    Kristin Damrow & Company creates and delivers an electric and innovative style of contemporary dance to broad audiences in the San Francisco/Bay Area. Each year, Kristin Damrow & Company produces a showcase performance season by bringing together local dancers, artists, musicians, and other creative minds. This collaborative spirit underlies every story we choreograph and perform. KDC’s community outreach projects seek to inspire dancers of all ages and experience levels to express their creativity through dance while learning about the choreographic process, while helping aspiring dancers cultivate their talent and advance their careers. ODC Theater Performance: Jan. 25-27, 2018

    Moving to San Francisco in 2000, I free-lanced with many companies before becoming a company member of ODC/Dance in 2003. Many of the works I performed during this time where site specific and in street festivals. By not having a formal curtain barrier between audience and performer these performances formed my understanding of the impact performance has on an audience.  After becoming a seasoned performer with ODC/Dance, especially after performing in the ODC/Theater, I became fascinated by the moments you can feel when the audience’s attention shifts or you hear a sudden intake of breath because you did something moving. Now as a choreographer, I want to exploit these moments with this concert. Beginning with our performance installation in the lobby which then leads into the theater for a peek into intimate duets, and finally landing in the immersive dance experience after intermission, the size and technical capacity of the ODC/Theater is ideal. ODC Theater Performance: TBA


    Christy Funsch
    Christy is an East Coast native currently based in San Francisco. The mission of her company is to celebrate the vulnerable yet indefatigable spirit through choreographic experiments with gaze, distinctive movement invention, and unpredictable phrasing. 

    Nancy Karp
    Since forming Nancy Karp + Dancers in 1980, director Nancy Karp has choreographed more than 70 outstanding works for her company. She and company members have performed together in many distinguished venues, at home and abroad. These include The Washington Project for the Arts in Washington D.C., The Kitchen in New York, The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, the Broadway Performance Hall in Seattle, the Fur Augen und Ohren and Sprachen der Kunste Festivals at the Akademie der Kunste in Berlin, Kyoto College of Art in Japan, and the Zagreb Experimental Theater Festival. Interdisciplinary collaboration is one of the company’s key focuses, and since its inception Ms. Karp has commissioned numerous composers, visual artists, and designers to work with her in the creation of new dances each season. Performance: February 10-12, 2017

    Risa Jaroslow
    Risa Jaroslow's lush choreography and stunning visual landscapes are alive with compassion and humor. Jaroslow examines the questions at the core of human experience, threading the answers through choreography that is at once earthy and soaring, transcendent and rooted in the everyday. Communities emerge and dissolve and a simple gesture blooms into a magnificent metaphor. What sets the company apart is its ability to weave together the experiences and movement of people from firefighters and midwives to survivors of domestic violence to Jaroslow's company of accomplished dancers. Risa Jaroslow & Dancers has performed throughout the United States and Europe, including: Dance Theater Workshop (New York, NY); The Danspace Project (New York, NY); Central Park Summerstage (New York, NY); Jarson-Kaplan Theater (Cincinnati, OH); Dublin Dance Festival (Dublin, Ireland); and Open Look Festival (St. Petersburg, Russia). Performance: April 27-30, 2017

    13th Floor Dance Company
    13th Floor is darkly comic theater that moves.  We create original scripted plays that don't hold still - they are funny and wicked and intelligent, often with a literary bent.  We aim for a delicate combination of accessible yet thought provoking, and will make you laugh just when you thought it was getting a little too dark.  13th Floor was founded in 2010 by Jenny McAllister, along with a troupe of talented performers equally adept at acting and moving.  With a background in both theater and dance, McAllister and her company explore how narrative theater can be enhanced by character-based movement - using dance, fight choreography, or riffs on simple human gestures. Performance: February 24-26 & March 2-5, 2017

    Twisted Oak Dance Theater
    Twisted Oak Dance Theater pulls the seeds of dances from stories, pop culture, and the absurdity of our daily lives. Our seeds grow into the gnarled roots, winding trunk, and the flowering branches of a new story. Drawing from our shared cultural heritage, the myths and legends we tell ourselves and our children, Twisted Oak Dance Theater creates personal statements about our connections to nature as humans, the possible origins of these connections, and the way we apply stories to guide ourselves through the pitfalls, terrors, joys, and loves that await us in life. Performance: February 24-26 & March 2-5, 2017

    Katharine Hawthorne
    I create in the space between art and science, combining my physics background with my embodied experience as a dancer. I see the studio as my laboratory for experimentation and discovery. My work asks how our interactions with technology impact how we move and experience the world around us. Currently, I am creating a new work asking the audience to imagine the future.  I am a San Francisco based dancer and choreographer. I received early training through the Royal Academy in Singapore, and continued my studies at Ballet Arts Minnesota under Bonnie Mathis, the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance under Summer Lee Rhatigan, and with master Cunningham teacher Diane Frank. (shows are Nov. 16-18, 2017)

  • Sandbox Series

    2017 Sandbox Series Choreographers: Jess Curtis, Amy Seiwert, Maurya Kerr, and Byb Chanel Bibene.

    The Sandbox Series is designed to support artistic exploration. In Dec 2016, 4 choreographers were chosen for 8 3-hour sessions over a period of one month purely for the purpose of creative exploration. This project is meant to support imagination and risk; it is not project based and is not intended to replace the traditional pre-production rehearsal process.

    Each choreographer will choose up to 6 dancers (with whom they have not worked with before) in one large open audition. For participation in the project, choreographers will be paid $1000, and each dancer will be paid a weekly fee of $90/week. The 24 hours of rehearsal space is paid for by ODC. Choreographers must have 8-10 years of professional choreographic experience. Dancers must have professional performance experience.

    Previous Sandbox choreographers have included Katie Faulkner, Amelia Rudolph, Kim Epifano, Jo Kreiter, Scott Wells, Erika Chong Chuch, Nicole Klaymoon, Gerald Casel, and more!

    Session 1: February 13 – March 8
    Session 2: March 13 – April 5
    Session 3: April 10 – May 3
    Session 4: May 8 – 31
    Rehearsal times will be Mondays and Wednesdays 12:30-3:30pm.

    Sunday, January 29 1:30-4:30pm
    Callbacks February 5 1:30-4:30pm
    Dancers are required to pre-register for the audition by January 16, 2017.

    This program is funded by the Mellon Foundation.

  • Work Exchange

    ODC is committed to making dance accessible for all. For those who cannot afford to pay for dance classes, occasional work exchange opportunities are available as a community resource. Duties include administrative work, marketing assistance, making phone calls, direct mailings, and other jobs as needed. Every hour of work is equivalent to one free dance class.

    To apply for the Work Exchange program, fill out the online Work Exchange Application and submit it electronically.

    Please note that due to the high interest in these positions, you may not hear from us right away. We will keep your application on file and contact you as opportunities become available.

    All applicants interested in the Work Exchange Program must participate in an interview and orientation.