ODC Month for Dancers' Health

ODC Month for Dancers’ Health
September 1-30, 2020

All events are FREE and presented by generous volunteers

The ODC Healthy Dancers Clinic is celebrating dancers' wellness through the Month for Dancers’ Health. Physicians and PTs who specialize in dancers' health and are dedicated to treating mobility for bodies of all kinds have joined together to offer an array of online workshops, panels, and pre-recorded videos available throughout the month of September.

Sessions are carefully designed for dancers, healthcare professionals and those who have dance-related questions for healthcare professionals during times of COVID-19, could use access to free dance healthcare-related information, want to learn more about dancers’ wellness, or are interested to know the latest information about public health issues and how they affect the dance community.


Dancer Screenings

  • For Freelance Dance Professionals

    Appointments Begin
    10 - 11:30 AM
    3 - 4:30 PM

    Screenings are 90 minutes in length
    Please arrive 15 minutes early to do paperwork

    Free screenings for professional dancers based on the standardized assessment tool developed by Dance/USA’s Task Force on Dancer Health to promote the health of our community members.

    Screenings are designed to:

    • To detect potentially life-threatening or disabling medical or musculoskeletal conditions that may limit a dancer’s safe participation. 
    • To detect medical or musculoskeletal conditions that may predispose dancers to injury and/or illness during their season.
    • To determine the general health of the dancers 
    • To assess the fitness level of the dancers 
    • To counsel the dancers and make recommendations based on the screening information. 
    • To use a standardized screening tool and associated protocols to assess dancer health. 

    Participants must be 18 or older and either have a contract with a professional dance company, or earn a minimum of $1000 as a dancer over a year. We are also considering any dancer 18 or older who identifies as a professional dancer but may not make any income off of their work.

  • List of Volunteers

    Mamie Air, MD (Sports Medicine)
    Kendall Alway, PT, DPT, Event Coordinator
    Megan Andre, PT, DPT
    Jessica Aranas, SPT
    Nairi Azaryan, Organizational Support
    Megan Bailey, MSW, ACSW
    Jennifer Baron, PT
    Sonia Bell, MD
    Katherine Brousseau, SPT
    James Brown, Meditation
    Jennifer Bury, Movement Therapy Specialist
    Raul Caimanque, PT
    Devon Chen, PT, DPT, OCS
    Steve Coleman, LAC (Acupuncturist)
    Naia Riley Cook, RD (Registered Dietician)
    Richard Coughlin, MD (Orthopedic Surgery: foot & ankle)
    Jovauna Currey, MD (Sports Medicine)
    Devon Ehrlichman, PT, DPT
    Julia Forte, Dance Theatre Shop
    Janice Garcia, Nutritionist
    Lisa Giannone, PT
    Kyle Granali, PT, DPT
    Ariell Gross, Admin at SF Performing Arts Therapy
    Emily Hansel, Promotional Material
    Kelly Hartnett, SMD
    Michelle Harui, PT, DPT
    Kimberly Holt, PT
    Nancy Kadel, MD (Orthopedic Surgery: foot & ankle)
    Shirley Kollman, PT, DPT
    Raymond Larrett, Graphic Designer
    Martt Lawrence, Pilates Instructor
    Vincent Leddy, PT, DPT, PCS
    Deena Levy, PT, DPT
    Nancy Marks, MD (Psychiatry)
    Aimee Martel, PT, DPT
    Kellye Mckee, PT, DPT
    Maddie Mendes, Ballet Teacher
    Khash Nattagh, SMD
    Sharlene Shu Oliver, PT, DPT
    Juliet Paramor, Event Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator
    Priscilla Park, PT, DPT, MFA
    Libby Parker, RD (Registered Dietician)
    Oscar Perez, PT, MPT, COMT
    Sarah Pomarico, SPT
    Quilet Rarang, Pilates Instructor
    Milly Shah, PT, DPT
    Selina Shah, MD (Sports Medicine and Dance Medicine)
    Maryssa Steffen, PT, DPT
    Lenny Stein, DC
    Rachel Sutter-Leve, PT, DPT
    Zach Vikkers, PT
    Amy Waddle, Mental Health and Eating Disorder Recovery Advocate for Dancers
    Amy Yin, MD (Sports Medicine)

Keynote with Dr. Nancy Kadel MD

  • Dancer Mental Health and Dancer Identity

    ODC Theater Building
    B.Way Theater
    1 PM

    This session will focus on Dancer Mental Health and Dancer Identity. Nancy will create a safe and respectful environment for dancer participants in order to offer a useful and educational experience. Participants will be introduced to an evidenced-based and values-centered psychotherapeutic approach called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Nancy will teach skills for improving psychological flexibility, a marker of mental health. Some of these skills will be practiced in the session, enabling each attendee to have a functional framework for thinking about how to manage difficult thoughts and feelings more effectively. Participants will take away helpful psychological tools and resources for continuing to learn and practice ACT skills in the future.

Breakout Sessions

  • Fueling the Dancers’ Body for Long Rehearsals

    ODC Dance Commons Town Hall
    10 - 11 AM

    Register Today

    Nutrition Session with Libby Parker, MS, RD; Registered Dietitian and owner of Not Your Average Nutritionist

    This session will cover how to eat for rehearsals and show days with the foods you love. Libby will cover timing of meals and snacks, hydration (and what’s the deal with sports beverages), and you’ll learn what macronutrient is the MVP for energy. Bring your performance nutrition questions. This is one topic from Libby’s more extensive online course “Whole Health For Performers” which covers all the health topics for stage performers that you never learned in school.

    Libby Parker is a Registered Dietitian specializing in eating disorder recovery. Her private practice, Not Your Average Nutritionist, LLC, is in San Luis Obispo, CA, and she also does virtual counseling. She is in the final stages of her first book, Permission To Eat, coming late 2019. Libby started dance at the age of 3 (thanks, mom!) and is happiest when she is on stage in musical theatre productions. She just got back to CA from NYC where she auditioned for Broadway’s Mean Girls. Libby wants every dancer to love their body and never diet.

  • Fundamentals of Money & Responsible Credit Management

    ODC Theater Conference Room
    3 - 4 PM
    Cecilia Fok and Gabby Taylor, Wells Fargo

    Register Today

    This presentation will provide attendees with a fundamental overview of budgeting and savings strategies to help them take charge of their finances. We will lean concrete steps to develop a financial plan, discover tools and tips to help with money management, and how to set financial goals and commit to them. We will also discuss the costs and benefits of credit cards, how to help keep our credit cards secure, the importance of a strong credit score, and some tips on managing credit.

  • Building Community in the Competitive World of Dance: A Dancer’s Guide to Connection in Motion

    ODC Theater Building
    Mott Studio
    3 - 4 PM

    Jennifer Bury, MD with assistance from Felicitas Fischer, student
    at USF’s Performing Arts & Social Justice degree program

    Register Today

    The world of dance is both intensely competitive and intimate by nature, so how do we maintain a sense of ourselves as well as feel part of a supportive community?

    This is the place to gain context for your experience, voice your individual concerns, learn your own responses so you can be aware of them as you go forward, and then follow up with ongoing quarterly meetings.

    In this session, there is no right or wrong, no assessment, diagnosis, or interpretation. Here we can address the challenges of being a dancer and find a way together, in motion.

  • Strengthen Your Feet!

    ODC Dance Commons
    Pilates Center Studio
    3 - 4 PM

    Martt Lawrence, Pilates Instructor, and owner of the Pilates Center of San Francisco

    Register Today

    Martt Lawrence will show some effective and inventive ways that the Pilates Method offers to strengthen your feet. You’ll have the opportunity to use small pilates equipment, such as the toe corrector and foot corrector, but you will also learn how to achieve the same goals using everyday objects that can be found in your house.

    Martt is the owner of the Pilates Center of San Francisco, located inside the ODC Dance Commons. She has been teaching Pilates for over two decades and has taught many types of dancers in San Francisco including dancers from San Francisco Ballet and ODC.

  • Open Lab with ODC Artist in Residence Kinetech Arts

    ODC Dance Commons
    Studio B
    3 - 4:45 PM

    Register Today

    Kinetech Arts is a group of artists and scientists creating unique performances that combine dance and science with the newest interactive technology. Founded by Artistic Directors Weidong Yang and Daiane Lopes da Silva in January 2013, Kinetech Arts has performed at ODC Theater, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, KUNST-STOFF arts, L.A.S.T festival, Moscone Center, Headlands Center for the Arts, Djerassi, De Young Museum, among others. They host DanceHack, an annual tech + dance event, in association with CounterPulse SF. Kinetech Arts was recognized by the SF WEEKLY as "Best Genre-Defying Sci-Artistic Collaboration of 2014.

  • How to Eat Healthily Around a Dancer's Schedule & Foods for Recovery

    ODC Dance Commons Town Hall
    4 - 5 PM
    Janice Garcia, Nutritionist

    How to Eat Healthily Around a Dancer's Schedule 

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    This is a presentation teaching dancers the most advantageous times to eat certain foods (macronutrients) for energy, recovery, and to avoid GI upset. It ends with having them fill a hand out that helps them identify healthy foods they already eat/are willing to try so that they'll be prepared to pack better food in the future.

    Foods for Recovery
    This presentation will be focused on foods that assist with muscle and injury recovery as well as foods that contribute to bone health.

  • Absolute Core Strengthening for Eliminating/Preventing Low Back and SI Joint Pain

    ODC Theater Building
    Studio LP
    4 - 5 PM

    Priscilla Park, PT

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    If you have low back and/or sacroiliac joint pain, it is likely contributed by weak deep core and glutes musculature and/or your body doesn’t know how to activate them properly. For true core strength and stability, you need to not only strengthen these muscles, but also learn how to ACTIVATE them during activities.

    Priscilla Park, DPT, is the clinic owner of Somatic Nature Physical Therapy and Wellness. She has been a PT for 25 years, and has been a modern/contemporary dancer for over 30 years (and still dancing!). She is a founding member of the ODC's Healthy Dancer's Clinic, since its inception in 1999. She was the Director for University of California Irvine's Dance Medicine clinic between 1997-1999. She has had the pleasure of working on many Broadway shows in NYC, such as Lion King, 42nd Street, Aida, Hairspray, and more. She volunteers onsite for ODC/Dance Company during local performances, and ODC’s free Healthy Dancers Clinic.

  • Developing and Nurturing a Healthy Dancer Identity

    ODC Theater Building
    Mott Studio
    4 - 5 PM

    Nancy Marks, MD

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    Nancy will discuss concepts of mental health and mental illness. After covering basic information about seeking treatment she will then transition into the heart of the hour, set ground rules in order to provide safety, compassion, and respect for the participants and lead a short mindfulness exercise.

    Basic concepts regarding identity formation, with an emphasis on the wonder and complexity of forming one’s identity as a dancer, will be covered. (We will also cover a bit about the evolution of communication.) An interactive discussion will follow, where participants will be encouraged to share what it means personally to be a “Dancer.” I will encourage them to talk about the pride they take in their identity as dancers as well as any struggles they are facing.

  • An Introduction to Progressive Ballet Technique (PBT)

    ODC Theater Building
    Studio LP
    5 - 6 PM

    Aimee Martel, PT with assistance from Maddie Mendes, ballet teacher

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    Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) is a strengthening program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon of Australia to enhance ballet technique. The use of resistance bands and physio balls facilitates muscle memory, core strength and control, proper weight placement, alignment, and posture. The benefits of these exercises will carry over into your technique classes!

  • More Flow, Less Grind: How Meditation can Reduce Stress and Boost Creativity

    ODC Theater Building
    Mott Studio
    5 - 6 PM

    James Brown, Vedic Meditation Master

    Register Today

    Dance is a grueling, demanding discipline. Hard on the body, and the mind. It requires that we be in control, while at the same time allowing ourselves to be open and available to the flow of creative expression. But it’s hard to be in flow when you’re stressed out. Because stress steals from us. It saps our energy, ruins our sleep and robs us of our ability to bring our best to auditions, performances…and life.

    But instead of stressing out about it you’re invited to join Vedic Meditation master James Brown for a workshop in which you’ll discover a simple, easy and powerful approach to meditation that will improve your ability to focus, enhance creativity, while at the same time allowing you to experience profoundly deep levels of rest to help you recharge and recover faster from injury? James has taught dancers, choreographers and others from SF Ballet, ODC and the dance community in SF and looks forward to teaching you.

The Bay Area Day for Dancers' Health is presented by ODCDancers' GroupWorld Arts West, and San Francisco Performing Arts Physical Therapy.